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The Balance Game: Energy Boosters to Keep You from being Overstressed, Overworked, & Overtired!

Posted by Janet Caban on
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How do you balance your life while balancing your inner craving for play.  We all need a break, now and again.  And again, and again…. I know, the to-do lists get longer while the days are not getting longer – a true dilemma!  And, since congress has not passed legislation for a 25-hour-day, we will have to resort to the 24 hours.  So what do we do?? The solution:  Preserve your energy – Your level of energy largely determines the quality of your life.  Also, since now a days everybody thinks you’re open 24/7, preserving your energy is an important survival strategy. When we meet someone we decide immediately whether they have a “good vibe” or a “bad vibe.” We read their energy and decide if we want to be around them more.   On the flip side – there are energy vampires.  Energy vampires zap our energy and they are a big distraction. Word of caution – avoid energy vampires!  And when you can’t – be happy, it really annoys them. Positive energy is contagious. Increasing our energy leaves us more to share with others! With this in mind, how do we increase our energy?  Easy peazy!   By incorporating meaningful habits into our lives with rituals and routines.  When you create rituals that increase your mental, physical, and spiritual energy, you become more energetic, happier and successful. Because we are made up of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy, each one of these areas contributes to our total energy. 1.  Physical  Exercise - who has time for this when we don’t  even have time for family, friends?  Use the buddy system, this way you can spend more quality time with your spouse, children, family, and friends, etc.  This can be as simple as a walk after dinner for shared time. Get fit together and bond at the same time. Get your rest!  No need to lecture you here  – “just do it”, like the Nike slogan says. Hydrate - “You’re not sick you’re thirsty! Water for Health, for Healing, For Life, is  a book written on the epidemic of chronic dehydration in our society.  Author F. Batmanghelidj, MD state that dehydration has been labeled  as diseases by the mainstream medical establishment.  So do yourself a favor and hydrate, daily.  If drinking water seems boring to you, add fruit, herbs or veggies.  It will make it prettier, taste yummier and you’ll get added health benefits too!   2.  Mental  Safeguard your thoughts.  Energy is found in the thoughts we think and the words we read and hear.  Have you ever gotten excited about an idea and felt energized? Or listened to an energetic speaker and become motivated to take action? Or read a book and become inspired? Words are powerful, so use them to create positive mental energy. 3.  Emotional  Listen to music  – Music has the tremendous power to make us laugh and cry.  Think of the Rocky theme song.  When I hear “Rocky” theme song I still get the urge to sprint a hundred yards.  Music sets the tone in restaurants and shopping malls. It plays during sporting events, religious services, and family holidays. After all, what would a birthday be without a “Happy Birthday” song? Music makes us think and feel because it is a powerful source of energy and each day you have the opportunity to make the energy of music work for you.  Music that lift your spirits, music that give you confidence, music that relaxes you, etc.  Music is energy that you can use to fuel your life whenever and wherever you need it.  Based on your choice of music, you might want to wear a headset!    Connect with Nature – Ever wonder why people love the beach, the mountains, and gardening?  Because they are powerful sources of energy. Whether it’s the ocean air, the sunlight reflecting off the water or the the waves crashing on the shore, large trees or fields of green, a vibrantly colored sunset or sunrise. Nature provides a profound effect on our mind and body.   So, connect with nature and enjoy the energy it will generously share with you. 4. Spiritual Give back – Studies have shown that the happiest people are those who give.  It doesn’t have to be anything huge either.  Sometimes just letting someone cut in line in front of you at the grocery store or picking up something someone dropped can release endorphins that make you feel good. We have had these experiences and many more like them because we are energy beings and as energy beings we interact with other forms of energy every day.  We give, receive, share, transform, maximize and focus energy every day.  It’s all about energy.  So give yourself these powerful infusions to retain energy throughout the day.

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Meet Janet Caban, our new Production Manager (and all around good apple)

Posted by Kim Williams on
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After praying for over a year for someone to come along and help take over production, God delivered Janet Caban to me.  She’s completely overqualified, but she either hasn’t figured that out yet or is ok with slumming it with me for a while. Either way, I’m thrilled to have her join our little team.  She’ll be wearing several hats (I’ll be saving the dunce cap for myself, thank you very much) and some of her jobs will include making product, helping with promotions & marketing  and writing blog articles. Here’s a little information from her and who she is, her background and idea of why she’s passionate about health!  I know you’ll love her as much as I do! Hi!  It is Janet Caban, Production Manager with RAFA Natural.   I have been a health freak, tree hugger for over 20 years.  I know 20 years sounds like a long time, but I am still young.   Below is my early childhood pic on the right —always a bit of a rebel!     About myself: A California transplant just over a year now, to be close to my family. From my teenage years I developed a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.  It all started with my best friend’s aunt who cured herself of stomach cancer.  I decided to take a proactive approach to health starting with a 3 month cleanse, which changed my taste buds and my view on life. This passion for healthful living has led me to spend the last 20+ years working in the Natural Products business. Up until recently, I had a jet set lifestyle, educating retailers and consumers on dietary supplements.  Now a Lakeland resident, I joined Rafa Natural because I Love the products and believe what we place on your skin is equally as important as what we ingest internally, being that the skin is our largest organ.   I also love what Rafa Natural stands for -  The definition of RAFA is “TO HEAL.”  Much healing is needed in this hectic and toxic world we live in.  More and more toxins exist just in the air we breath yearly, not to mention the toxic body care products Americans use that adds to a toxic body.  Then the mental toxins of stress from juggling the many balls in life in attempts to create balance between family, work, finances, relationships, and what about personal time?   As such, all posts I write will be tasty morsels to nourish and heal our mind, body and soul connection.  So stay tuned for healthy tips on living a healthful lifestyle and always remember,  you come first and pampering yourself is key to Healing.   So…. “Go pamper yourself with RAFA Natural!”

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Dead Sea Detox Bath Salts – Simple Soaking Solutions

Posted by Kim Williams on
Rafa Natural Dead Sea Salt Detox

Rafa Natural’s Vegan and Gluten Free Dead Sea Detox Bath Salts - Simple Soaking Solutions Taking a therapeutic bath is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do for your health. While it is tempting to soak in a tub full of bubbles, the truth is most bubble bath formulas do more damage than good. Soaking in a combination of Epson Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Essential Oils replaces vital minerals, distresses the body, improves sleep, and detoxifies. Below is a more detailed description of the ingredients within Rafa Natural’s Dead Sea Detox Bath Salts. Epson Salt While not actually a salt, Magnesium Sulfate has been around for years. It’s readily absorbed through the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. It’s also thought to draw toxins from the body and ease stress, since it replaces magnesium that stress can deplete fro the body. Dead Sea Salt For over three-thousand years people have flocked to the Dead Sea due to its healing powers. Due to the unique mineral make-up it can help conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis (it’s even recommended by The National Psoriasis Foundation as an affective treatment), and allergies. It has also been shown to improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation and wrinkles. Essential Oils of Bergamot, Cypress, Lavender, Juniper, Tea Tree, Grapefruit, Patchouli, and Lemon This combination of essential oils calm the body, boost circulation, reduce cellulite, improve sleep, and detoxify. Visit us at Rafa Natural to learn more about our dead sea detox bath salts and other detox products.

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Detoxifying Seaweed Body Scrub – A Simple Detox

Posted by Kim Williams on
Rafa Natural Kelp Detox Scrub

Rafa Natural’s Detoxifying Seaweed Body Scrub A Simple Detox from the Ocean I just love anything from the ocean. Sea Salt, seaweed (kelp is a type of seaweed), sushi…oh great.  Now I’m hungry. This scrub is super detoxifying due to the powered kelp and Dead Sea Salt.  It will smell a little fishy due to the seaweed, but the essential oils will mask some of that. Be sure to use the fine grain salt to get the best scrubbing action.  If you already have Dead Sea Salt on hand but it’s not fine, you can throw it into a coffee grinder and grind it. (I keep one just for making products, not coffee.) If you don’t have Jojoba oil on hand, any kind of light oil like Grape Seed or Apricot Kernel Oil. Before you begin, be sure to sterilize your working utensils and jar you are going to use for the scrub with isopropyl alcohol. Ingredients 1/4 cup powered kelp 1/4 cup  Dead Sea Salt – Fine Grain 1/3 cup Jojoba Oil 5 drops Cypress Essential Oil 3 drops Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil 3 drops Fennel Essential Oil 8 oz. sterilized glass container (wide mouth mason jars are perfect).  Just remember that glass in a bathroom can be hazardous, so you can use plastic if you feel that’s safer.  Directions: - Mix the powered kelp and Dead Sea salt together in a sterilized bowl. - Add the Jojoba oil and mix well. - Then add the essential oils and mix very well. - Spoon into your prepared glass container and seal with a tight fitting lid.  It should be good for 2-3 weeks. To use, scoop out desired amount and rub into skin in a circular motion.  Do not use on face.  Rinse well but try not to use soap  afterwards.  Instead, let the essential oils linger on your skin for greater detoxifying benefits.  Pat skin dry. If making your own scrub is too much work for you, you can always try our Dead Sea Salt Detox Scrub.  It doesn’t contain seaweed but it’s chocked full of amazing detoxifying ingredients and smells amazing. Visit us at Rafa Natural to place your order and to learn more about our many organic, vegan, and all natural products. Enjoy!

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