Green Pumpkin Goodness Smoothie

Green Pumpkin

I thought I’d post a favorite smoothie of mine while it’s still fall and pumpkins rule the day. The green part of the name comes from the handful of spinach used, not the actual color of the pumpkin.  I can’ imagine green pumpkins would taste too good.  :)

This smoothie is so great in so many ways.  It has healthy fats from the almond butter, antioxidants from the spinach, and skin regenerating vitamins A, C, & E from the pumpkin.  The coconut water helps to hydrate and replace electrolytes.  The cinnamon helps to amp up the metabolism, and turns this smoothie from something good to something truly decadent tasting.

This smoothie is very thick and filling and I usually only make it after an intense workout (so, like once every 3 months :) ) since it helps to replace electrolytes and get some protein so my body can repair.  It’s also a great meal replacement, though.  If you don’t like it thick, add a little extra coconut water.


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