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Watermelon Sugar

Smells sweet, bright, sugary, and juicy. A scent that is similar to a watermelon laffy taffy... perfect for summer!

New at Rafa

We are always adding fresh products.

We curate each product with the best natural ingredients to deliver the highest quality products. From Skin Care, to Coconut Oil Soap, to Soy Wax Candles, our products are always

made fresh in Florida.


a breath of fresh air

Self care includes caring for our dwelling places. Taking a seasonal inventory and investing time into deep cleaning is an extension of caring for yourself. 
Take a breath of fresh air + feel content knowing your cleaning goods are nontoxic + organic with the freshest, finest ingredients.


“I have tried many different Rafa products and have yet to be disappointed. My newest obsession is their skincare products. In just a few days of my first use, my skin is clearing up nicely and starting to actually glow. The Cucumber Cleanser and Sea Mineral Toner are the perfect combination for my stubborn skin!”