DIY Cooling Spray for Summer Video Recipe

DIY Cooling Spray for Summer Video Recipe
Summer in Florida.  It’s crazy.  Hot, humid, miserable.  This dog’s got the right idea.  So the combination of the crazy hot temps along with the “prompting” of our social media guru to post a Live video on FB led to this post and recipe.


It’s a quick, easy way to create a natural spray that you can carry with you and use it to cool off during summer or after exercising.  It smells wonderful and it really does work!

This recipe makes a small 2 oz. bottle.  If you want more, you can easily double or triple the recipe.  Just don’t use too much Peppermint!  It’s a strong essential oil.  If you choose to increase the recipe, I would only add a couple more drops of peppermint.  Don’t double it like the rest of the ingredients.

I found the best way to use this spray is by spraying it on the back of my neck and my feet.  And my production manager when she’s getting sleepy.  I don’t recommend spraying it on your face.  The oils could get into your eyes and you’ll be hating me.  If you are looking for a spray that is already done and you CAN spray on your face, our Refreshing Cucumber Mist is wonderful.  It not only cools you down, but contains lots of vitamins and minerals to make your skin glow.  It’s even in a handy 3 oz, TSA compliant container so you can take it with ya on the place.  Sweet!

Ingredients to make DIY Cooling Spray for Summer:

2 oz. Distilled Water

2 teaspoons Witch Hazel (make sure it has a small amount of alcohol in it)

5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

2 oz. glass bottle with sprayer (note:  NOT plastic!  Essential oils can break down plastic and ruin your natural creation!)


  • Measure out 2 oz of distilled water into glass measuring cup (like pyrex)
  • Add 2 teaspoons of Witch Hazel (this allows the oil and water to mix)
  • Add 5 drops Peppermint EO
  • Stir well
  • Pour into 2 oz. glass bottle & add sprayer

Watch our video below for more info on how to make this DIY Cooling Spray:

If you are looking for more uses for Peppermint Essential Oils, I love this article by Dr. Axe (who has so much great information on healthy living on his website.)

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