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The Rafa Shave bar is a favorite out our house. I use it on my lits and armpits. My husband uses it on his face. We haven't bought any other shave cream in two years!


This is my second review, ever, however, I want to let everyone know how special this shave bar is. It smells so nice, it covers with ease, a little goes a long way, and rinses clean. I have never had my legs feels so soft and no irritation, at all. Im going to try the scrub and butter now for sure. However, my results are without the added products and I really cant imagine the shave to be any better. But this product is so good that Im curious to try them too. Please dont pass this over, ladies, give this a try. And by the way, put your pants on slower or your libel to slide right out the bottoms of them!! LoL :)

Hi Olivia! Thank you for your sweet words. We're so glad you love our Super Shaving Soap, and please let us know how you like our two other products in the 'Dolphin Legs Line' our Walnut Polish and Body Butter!
xO Chelsea

My husband loves it!

I got this shaving soap for my husband and the rose one for myself. We love them to say the least! My husbands face use to get so irritated after shaving and this soap has dramatically improved the small bumps and redness.

Thank you Kristen! Our shaving bars are a game changer! Try our Walnut Body Polish pre-shave and follow up with our Body Butter post shave and you have our recipe for 'Dolphin Legs'!
Xo The Girls at Rafa!

Best shaving soap!

I bought this after searching for something more natural and less irritating compared to store-bought gels. I am so happy I found this! This feels great on skin and the razer glides over nicely with a smooth shave. Highly recommend!

Thank you Tiff!
We love that you were able to find a less harmful product in our Super Shaving Soap! It truly is the best to shave with! Pro Tip: Try it in our 'Rose Shaving Soap' as well!
Xo The Girls at Rafa


I love this product! It truly has helped get rid of all of those little red bumps that I used to get get with regular shaving creams. But the smell is great, and when you follow us using the body butter (my favorite is the lavender one) oh my goodness your legs legitimately feel like silk rubbing against each other! I could go on and on about this product, but I just have to say it’s great! I’m trying the rose one next!