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Super Shaving Disc Refill Coconut Oil Soap

Super Shaving Disc Refill Coconut Oil Soap


Back in the day, when men would go into a barber shop for a shave, the shaving cream smelled amazing with a blend of oakmoss, bergamot, and a touch of refreshing mint. We captured that and then added lots of kaolin clay to provide great slip for shaving legs, beards or pretty much anything you'd rather not have hair on (leave the cat alone, however). | Our handmade soaps are made from a base of Coconut Oil. Using a soap that contains coconut oil can help add moisture to your skin & prevent dryness. When coconut oil is absorbed into your skin, your skin becomes softer, smoother, & healthier. Coconut oil soap is especially soothing to dry, red, irritated skin. You can use coconut oil soap directly on inflamed areas of your skin.

Shaving Disc Weighs Approx 4oz.