What is the Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin?

What is the Best Skincare Routine for Oily Skin?

Skin care, especially with oily or drying skin, may seem unmanageable, there are many healthy practices that work to tame your skin and help it flourish. Here at Rafa Natural, we believe setting a strong foundation for your skin care routine makes a world of a difference no matter what skin type you have. Although we offer a variety of revitalizing products, the two biggest routine steps we urge our customers to commit to is cleansing and toning.

Because our skin naturally turns over once every 28 days, cleansing and toning with the right all-natural ingredients can help restart your skin’s reparation. We have products that will take you through every step toward your healthiest, most radiant skin yet.

Often when we search for a skin care routine that works for us, we become discouraged by the countless over-the-counter products that just don’t seem to suit our skin’s needs. But at Rafa Natural, we’ve committed to helping our customers find their best personal skin care routine because we believe great skin is an attainable goal. Whether you find yourself acne-prone or are unsure of what routine for oily skin is best for you, we believe your skin can find balance and healing through these practical regimen steps:



Clarifying Cleanser

The first and most important step to starting your skincare routine is to clean your skin. We recommend starting your routine with our all natural Clarifying Cleanser. Our cleanser contains active charcoal, tea extracts, vitamins, and Essential Oils which remove dead skin cells and help with clogged pores, all while absorbing up to 1,000 times more excess oil than any other over-the-counter product.

By including vegan-friendly ingredients, our cleanser naturally disinfects your face from any accumulated impurities and helps prep your skin to fully absorb the astringent/toner used in the next step.



Clarifying Astringent

Another product we wholeheartedly recommend for oily skin is also from our Clarifying line. After thoroughly cleaning your face, you’ll want to use our delightfully refreshing willow-bark infused Clarifying Astringent. This powerful bottle is intentionally crafted with fruit acids that balance your skin tone and help with dark spots along with DMAE to naturally tighten your skin and help cleanse your pores.

Sometimes when people hear the term astringent, they become hesitant because it typically means they’ll find alcohol listed on the ingredients table. But we’ve replaced the common use of alcohol in all of our astringents with all-natural willow bark, witch hazel and salicylic acid.

Every time water touches our skin, it messes with our PH levels and takes our skin out of balance. This astringent will help to bring us back into a cleansing balance and revive the skins cells to repair any acne-prone areas or facial damage.



Australian Clay Facial Scrub

Our soft scrubs are another helpful step in your new skincare regimen! This practice is crucial to refreshing the skin, but we typically encourage for people to exfoliate only one to two times a week. Some people will exfoliate their face every single day, which can lead to an overproduction of sebum and ends up hurting more than helping. Sebum production is natural, but an overproduction of sebum leads to excessive oil production.

We recommend applying one thin layer of our Australian Clay Scrub after cleansing and toning your skin. Lather the apricot seeds onto your skin, enjoy the light fragrance of ylang-ylang with hint of lime, and rinse!

Combining our facial scrubs once or twice a week with daily cleansing and toning will make your home-spa nights even more enjoyable! Add in weekly exfoliation, our scrubs are perfect for the occasional home spa treatment or as an overnight clay for reduction of blemishes.



Hydra Creme Facial Moisturizer

Now that you’ve cleansed your skin from impurities, toned with astringent, and exfoliated with your scrub, it’s time to moisturize! Take a few drops of our Hydra Crème Moisturizer to nourish and refresh your skin. This particular moisturizer is our heaviest, but is still malleable in nature and features a soft shea base. We’ve intentionally designed this combination to significantly calm any breakout inflammation. We’ve also included DMAE and hyaluronic acid to produce a naturally soft and soothing effect to the skin.

People often think they can replace the moisturizing step with serum, believing that a serum provides the exact same results. While serums are beneficial, they’re completely different things that work hand-in-hand to provide maximum results for your skin. As your face is being stripped of its dirt and oils through your new revitalizing skin care routine, incorporating a moisturizer will help replenish your face to its original dermal balance while keeping it beautiful and clean. In addition to providing wholesome balance and moisture, it gives you a protective layer that helps to keep out free ranging radicles.

Serums, on the other hand, are designed as preventive aging and anti-aging solutions. They help to naturally put things back to our skin, such as DMAE and collagen, which is the sticky substance that keeps our skin lifted and toned. Serums are especially beneficial for dealing with fine lines, but they don’t work the same as moisturizers for keeping your skin balanced, clean, and oil free. However, you can use both a serum and moisturizer by applying a layer of moisturizer over your serum to seal the serum and increasing its benefits.

Don’t let oily skin defeat you! Even though oily or drying skin can seem unmanageable or impossible to bounce back from, it is an achievable goal with these four simple steps. Incorporating these positive changes in your skin care regime will help you discover the shine and confidence that comes with healthy skin.

All of our products are plant-based and created with you in mind. We want to empower our customers with all natural formulas that promote nourishment for all skin types. Oh, and please remember, your skin is unique and deserves pampering!

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