Men's Skin and Beard Care Routine

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Hey, guys, have you heard that you can use Rafa Natural skin care products too? We mean it! Our Rafa Natural team believes that everyone is entitled to finding the best routine for their particular skin care needs, which is why we have a wide range of products for cleaning, moisturizing, and maintaining both your face and your beard!

Even though there’s not a single go-to manual for how to deal with everyone’s unique and sometimes difficult skin types, we’ve got you covered. With our variety of all-natural products, we guarantee that we can help you with your search for the most effective skin care routine. No matter if you have sensitive skin, oily skin, or dry skin, here at Rafa Natural, we’re here to help both ladies and gentlemen!

As Always: Clean Away!

A healthy skin care routine starts with a clean slate. Clearing off the dirt, debris, and bacteria that builds up throughout the day makes your skin easier to maintain and helps to limit clogged pores. The same way umpires make sure home plate is always clear and ready for the next run, you clean your face to keep it ready for the next day.

To help with that, we have several incredible all-natural cleansers. For gentlemen who might prefer the most versatile cleanser with the lightest possible scent, we recommend giving our Clarifying Cleanser a shot as part of your daily routine. This foaming cleanser is perfect for acne prone skin, sensitive skin, or oily skin. The unique combination of extracts and vitamins help protect and nourish skin while charcoal thoroughly cleans away bacteria. To help eliminate and prevent breakouts, we’ve also added in essential oils of bergamot, tea tree, and both Roman and German chamomile, an effective combination with a very light scent.

Toning is Not Just For the Gym

AHA Facial Toner

In the same way one set of bicep curls doesn’t mean you’re done working your arms, washing your face doesn’t mean you’re done taking care of your skin. Applying a toner or astringent to your skin after you’ve thoroughly cleansed helps to completely remove dead skin cells, fully close your pores, and maintain proper pH balance.

For this, we recommend using our AHA Toner. AHA, which means alpha-hydroxy-acids, is completely natural and found in foods such as citrus, dairy, apples, and almonds. Applying our AHA Toner to your skin helps to fully clear away residual dead skin cells to reveal newer, smoother, healthier skin underneath.

If you feel like you need a little bit of an extra boost with toning, maybe because you’re dealing with oily skin or consistently clogging pores, we recommend our Clarifying Astringent. This astringent is similar to our AHA Toner, but with that extra kick to help tame excess oil. Like our AHA Toner, our Clarifying Astringent contains AHAs for exfoliation of dead skin cells along with black willowbark and essential oils to fight the root causes of acne and DMAE to give the skin a tight and polished look and leave your skin oil free.

A Little Lotion Never Hurt Anyone

There’s a common misconception that lotion is only for the ladies, but Gents, face moisturizer works for you, too! Keeping your skin soft not only keeps it healthy, but keeps it looking younger and more vibrant as well. By just using a small amount of lotion after you wash your face and apply your toner or astringent helps you look younger, longer!

Our most popular face moisturizer is our Vitamin C Crème. This crème works as both a moisturizer and an anti-aging cream by incorporating a variety of berry and citrus fruit extracts to create a barrier over your skin to help protect it against free radicals, which can speed along skin aging process. Adding in Vitamin C helps to improve complexion, reduce fine lines, and help prevent  future lines.

Looking Deep Into Your Own Eyes

Both men and women, at some point, starts to notice that our eyes have a few more smile lines than they did the last time we looked in the mirror. This is totally normal! As people age, our skin starts to lose collagen, making our skin look a little thinner and a little more wrinkled than we think it should. But, we can combat collagen loss by adding in small amounts of eye cream into your skin care regime.

We recommend our Revitalizing Eye Crème, which uses peptides to promote collagen production and help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. We’ve also mixed in a healthy dose of rice bran and soybean proteins to reduce dark circles under the eyes and caffeine to calm down any puffiness.

Don’t Forget the Beard

Whether you’re trying to grow out your beard, maintain your beard, or keeping up a clean-shaven look, Rafa Natural’s got your back! In conjunction with Mason Danger Beard Co., Rafa Natural’s team is there for you throughout your bearded journey.

If you’re just starting out on your bearded journey or have had some struggles getting started, we recommend adding Got Your 6ix Beard Growth Serum into your skin care routine for an added boost. This serum helps immensely if you deal with slow growth, patchy growth, or skin conditions that inhibit growth of the beard of your dreams. Additionally, this serum conditions both your beard and the skin underneath.

If you already have a magnificent beard, incorporating some Allure Beard Oil into your daily routine will help you maintain it by strengthening, conditioning, and promoting healthy growth. We’ve also added tea tree to not only enhance the scent, but also help with skin issues including dandruff and flaking.

Whether you want to keep your beard neat and trimmed or a beard just isn’t your thing, we have our Rafa Natural Super Shaving coconut oil based bar soap. We’ve created this shaving soap to mimic the refreshing and nostalgic scent of an old-timey barber shop by blending oakmoss, bergamot, and a touch of refreshing mint along with kaolin clay to provide great slip. The coconut oil base helps to prevent dry skin and further moisturize your face.