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Curbside Pickup

Posted by Sarah Hissong on

This summer we've implemented Curbside Pickup!
This is an easy way to shop locally, from home.
Here's how:

Shop online, and add whatever items that you'd like to your cart! If you aren't finding what you are looking for online easily, simply use the search bar on the top right of our website. If you STILL can't find what you are looking for give us a call at 863-712-7620!

When you are checking out, you will go through the prompted steps to complete all of your typical info. You will then see that you have the option to choose your shipping option. It's here that you will be able to surpass the typical online shopping shipping price since nothing is getting shipping. Choose your curbside pickup location- Lakeland, Bartow, or Lake Wales. It costs nothing extra to shop curbside. 

We will then call you to arrange a good pickup time! During your time slot, your order will be set right outside our door at the location you've chosen. This is a 100% contact-free pick-up.

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