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Nice addition to my skincare routine

I wondered how effective this mask would be given the consistency. It doesn't dry like clay. You don't peel it off. There's no scrubbing involved. You put it on like a cream, leave it on, then rinse it off. Turns out, it works very nicely and is much less of a hassle than a lot of face masks on the market. I use this maybe 2-3 times a week. It gives my skin a boost of softness as well as a subtle glow. I also do an exfoliating mask once every week or two, but that one is messy, so I'm super happy to have this as a quick and easy way to rebalance my skin throughout the week. Also, a little goes a very long way which is wonderful, and like all Rafa products it smells fantastic!

Hayley Buchanan
So good!

This product helps tremendously with my breakouts and black heads. I use it when I need a refresh on my face weekly/ biweekly! It leaves your skin feeling so good and refreshed to start your skin routine after. Love this stuff so much!

Our Charcoal Creme Masque is PERFECT for just this! Thank you for your review Hayley!
Xo The Girls At Rafa

I am in shock!

I received this product as a sample in one of my orders and I kept it away for a rainy day...
I ended up having a breakout with one particularly awful pimple & nothing was helping, so I tried this mask. The next morning I woke up and it was completely gone! I’ve never had luck with masks before due to my sensitive skin, but this one far exceeded my expectations.
My favorite Rafa product so far. I’d give it 10 stars if I could!