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Pourri Pet Odor Eliminator 16oz.

Pourri Pet Odor Eliminator 16oz.


Pet odor can be ruff—not anymore!
Pet~Pourri refreshes stinky air & fabric. Like, for real. Proprietary natural Funk Lock™ Technology neutralizes odor molecules so your nose can’t register them—fancy!

Pet~Pourri™ eliminates odor entirely and leaves your home smelling better than you found it – guaranteed. Simply spritz 3-5 sprays on any stinky surface** or into the air. From the makers of Poo~Pourri so you know it works!

Eliminates 99% of toughest odors within 60 seconds (even urine)

Odor doesn’t come back until you make a big stink again

• Air
• Pet Beds
• Dog Houses
• Pet Carriers
• Couches
• Curtains
• Rugs
• Puppy Pads (Pre-Trash)
• Your Car Post Rides

Size: 16 oz - Full size bottle + sprayer.

Scent: Pet~Pourri is a complex, yet clean blend of intoxicating florals + fruits balanced with warm notes of vanilla and tonka.