Meet the Team

Kim | Owner + CEO

Favorite Rafa Product: Revitalizing Eye Créme

Favorite Rafa Scent: I Love to wear Angel Wings & Wanderlust and...

I burn Rum Raisin Yearround!

Favorite Movie: The Help, The Notebook and The Silence of the Lambs

Starbucks Order: Cascara Latte {if I'm in Downtown Lakeland, my go-to order is the Holiday Latte from Black & Brew; Green Tea Latte with White Mocha, Peppermint & Steamed Milk!

best kept secret: they can make it for you year-round!}

Favorite Vacay Spot: AMI or Savannah, GA

Guilty Pleasure: Shoes & Handbags

Favorite Quote: "It's Ok to be a Glow Stick;

Sometimes we need to break before we shine."


Chelsea | Head Handcrafter

Favorite Rafa Product: Vitamin C Créme
Favorite Rafa Scent: Vermont Honey Apple
Favorite Movie: Edward Scissor Hands {Fun Fact: Edward Scissor Hands was filmed in Lakeland about 2 miles from our Lakeland location, in the Southgate Shopping Center}
Starbuck’s Order: Black Iced Coffee
Favorite Vacay Spot: Dana Point, CA
Guilty Pleasure: Frozen Pizza & The Real Housewives
Favorite Quote: "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back
and realize they were the big things."


Courtney | Licensed Esthetician

& Customer Service

Favorite Rafa Product: Walnut Body Polish {pro tip: follow with our
super shaving soap and our body butter for the Best Shave Ever!}
Favorite Rafa Scent: Sweet Almond
Favorite Movie: Where The Heart Is
Starbuck’s Order: Cool Lime Refresher Sparkling
Favorite Vacay Spot: Savannah, GA
Guilty Pleasure: Nutella, Straight from the Container
Favorite Quote: "Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire,
Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire."


Debbie | Handcrafter

Favorite Rafa Product: Rosehip & Hibiscus Serum or
Intensive Overnight Oil
Favorite Rafa Scent: Relaxation
Favorite Movie: Anything with Mark Wahlberg
Starbuck’s Order: Iced Caramel Macchiato
Favorite Vacay Spot: Beach or NYC
Guilty Pleasure: Lifetime Movies & Ice Cream
Favorite Quote: "The best things in Life, aren't things."


Laura Glidewell, RN, MSN | Research

Favorite Rafa Product: Lemon Verbena Body Butter and
Revitalizing Eye Créme
Favorite Rafa Scent: Vermont Honey Apple
Favorite Movie: Halloween
Starbuck’s Order: I don't drink Starbucks,
so maybe just a hot chocolate!
Favorite Vacay Spot: Rome or usual beach dive in Cocoa
Guilty Pleasure: PJ days!
(Days where we never get dressed or go anywhere)
Favorite Quote: "Today I Choose Happiness."



Chloe | Customer Service & Production Assistant

Favorite Rafa Product: Australian Clay Facial Scrub
Favorite Rafa Scent: White Coconut
Favorite Movie: Grease
Starbuck’s Order: Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk & Light Ice
Favorite Vacay Spot: Rome, Italy
Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelorette
Favorite Quote: "She is clothed in strength and dignity and, she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25


Cassidy | Marketing Specialist

Favorite Rafa Product: Intensive Overnight Oil
Favorite Rafa Scent: Coconut Lemongrass
Favorite Movie: Sixteen Candles
Starbuck’s Order: Violet Drink {Very Berry Hibiscus with Coconut Milk}
Favorite Vacay Spot: On a boat at the beach!
Guilty Pleasure: Cookies
Favorite Quote: "Let your faith be bigger than your fears.”
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