Vitamin C Creme – Natures Wrinkle & Brown Spot Solution

Vitamin C Creme – Natures Wrinkle & Brown Spot Solution

Rafa Natural’s Vegan, Organic, and Gluten Free Vitamin C Creme - Antioxidants for Wrinkles and Brown Spots

Our Vitamin C Creme is not only our #1 selling creme it is our #1 selling product, and for good reason! Vitamin C has received a lot of attention lately due to its ability to protect skin from free radicals, those nasty skin damaging molecules. But not only does it protect skin, its thought to improve skins complexion, reduce fine lines, and prevent future lines from forming

Below is a more detailed description of the ingredients within Rafa Natural’s Vitamin C Creme.

Vitamin C Creme

Coconut Oil

Shunned for years, recent studies have shown this oil is truly a SUPERFOOD, while including it in your diet can provide a lot of  amazing benefits, applying it to your skin can as well. It can improve skins moisture while providing a natural sunscreen, blocking up to 20% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’ s also thought to strengthen underlying tissues which means fewer wrinkles.

Who doesn’t want fewer wrinkles?

Vitamin C Ester 
There are two types of Vitamin C, water soluble (ascorbic acid) and fat soluble (Vitamin C Ester). While the first type is preferable for ingestion Vitamin C Ester displays better antioxidant activity in skin cells. It is great at stimulating the growth of cells that help produce collagen and elastin, that means skin with greater strength and flexibility and that means fewer lines and wrinkles and/or sagging skin.

Fewer lines? Less wrinkles? No more sagging skin? I gotta get me some of this!

Green Clay Extract
This clay, found deep in the earth, aids in:
- healing skin cells
- stimulating blood circulation
- removing dead skin cells
- freshening your skin

It’s natures natural skin brightener!

Organic Wild Blueberry, Organic Bilberry, Organic Cranberry Extracts
These awesome fruit extracts:
- provide a natural source of Vitamin C
- help create a barrier for the skin

Helping you to naturally fight against the assault of free radicals, from sun pollution, etc…

Rose Hip Seed Oil
This amazing oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that are known to correct age spots and hydrate the skin, while reducing scars and fine lines. It’s even helpful for eczema and psoriasis due to its high essential fatty acid content.

The Moral of the Story…FEED YOUR FACE!

Feed Your Face!
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Read some of our customer reviews to see why this is our #1 selling product! To try this amazing face creme go to Rafa Natural and experience the benefits of Rafa’s complete line for dry to normal skin.

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