Kim’s Homemade Tips - Sunscreen Balm

Kim’s Homemade Tips - Sunscreen Balm

I had a customer that would get a rash from traditional sunscreens. After some research and experimenting, I came up with this balm. It contains the natural mineral zinc oxide that effectively reflects the sun.   It hardens into a balm so you’ll need to get an empty tin, lotion tube or deodorant tube.  

Supplies can be purchased from my friends at From Nature with Love ( or a well stock health food store.


1 oz. Beeswax

7 grams Carrot Oil

21 grams Raspberry Seed Oil

1 oz. Shea Butter

7 grams Vitamin E

10 grams Zinc Oxide

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

10 drops Myrrh


1. In a double boiler melt the beeswax with the carrot oil & raspberry seed oil. 

2.  Remove from the heat and then add Shea butter and stir.  This will keep the Shea butter from getting too hot which could make it grainy.  

3.  Allow to cool slightly, then add vitamin E, zinc oxide and essential oils and gently stir to incorporate ingredients.  (When using the zinc oxide, take care not to inhale as it has been proven to be perfectly safe on skin, but can be dangerous if inhaled).  

4.  Pour into prepared container (will need to hold approximately 3 oz. of finished product).

5. Allow to cool and harden overnight.