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The Savor Planner


The first planner to focus on self-care every day. Studies show that self-care helps you function at your highest level, boosting happiness, balance, and success. Be more productive, organize your chaos, and radiate inner beauty when you are successful at both work and life!

The Savor Planner helps you to design a "nourish to flourish" lifestyle with 4 pillars.
1. Self-Care - Design a nourish-to-flourish plan
2. 90-Day Vision - Create a 90-day goal that is achievable and exciting
3. Rituals - Simple routines to structure your week
4. Organize - Customize to organize your "gorgeous chaos"

Sections include a Self-Care Plan, "Detox Your Brain", 4 Monthly Calendars, 90-Day Vision Worksheets, Thought Starters, Week-at-a-Glance Planning, "Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos", "Weekend Pleasures", and stickers! All wrapped up in a stylish 8"x10" design.