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Nashville Reed Diffuser


Inspired by the generosity of the city and the loving community of people that make it feel like home. Magnolia blossom, dogwood, and river birch lend a floral note, while cedar, sandalwood, and pine bring depth and a woodsy, fragrant heat. The resulting scent feels like a summertime road trip with the windows down and the radio playing a familiar tune, the warmth of an electric guitar played through a vintage tube amp and a choral melody sung in unison. It’s broken-in jeans and a bottle of brown liquor shared between old and new friends -- it’s Nashville.

Lasts 3 months
Hand mixed to order in Nashville, TN

TOP - Magnolia, Pine
MIDDLE - Dogwood, Sandalwood
BASE - River Birch, Oak, Cedarwood

  • Open and place reeds into the bottle.

  • Place the bottle on a level surface where it wont be knocked over.

  • Flip the reeds once a month.

  • Oils will last for 3 months.