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Blue Pele Gift Bundle

Blue Pele Gift Bundle


We've curated special Rafa bundles thoughtfully designed to care for the woman in your life who does it all - mom! In each bundle, you will receive a free gift... a roll-on perfume!

Here's what you'll get in the Blue Pele Gift Bundle:

  • Blue Pele Coconut Oil Bar Soap
  • Blue Pele Room & Body Spray
  • Blue Pele Hand & Body Lotion
  • Blue Pele Hand & Body Wash
  • Clear Mint Lip Balm
  • BONUS! Blue Pele Roll-On Perfume

Blue Pele smells joyful, sugary, exotic, tropical & fresh. The scent has notes of sugared oranges, limes, and lemons, followed by a hint of lush mountain greens.