Full Body Sunscreen SPF 50 by Tribe Kelley

Imagine a mineral sunscreen that delivers moisture and spreads evenly without leaving you covered in white pasty residue while nourishing your skin with natural anti-aging ingredients. Infused with PuriBee, our SPF 50 Mineral products creamy formula dries clear with no greasy residue. Our SPF 30 and SPF 50 products deliver 80 minutes of protection through a single natural mineral that won’t sting your eyes. Just remember, if you normally use chemical sunscreens, use 1/2 and much and rub it in 2x as long for lasting protection. 

Our Zinc Oxide that rubs in nearly completely transparent, we did not need to add a tint to match your natural skin color.

These products are free from chemical and synthetic products that have been found penetrate the dermis layers of your skin and can have long term effects on you and your family’s health.

We deliver this product in a sugar cane resin based bio-plastic tube that is completely recyclable, compostable, and is within TSA carry-on regulations so you can drop it in your carry on next time you travel.

Active Ingredient: Non Nano Zinc Oxide (24.97%)

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