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Blue Pele Gift Bundle

Blue Pele Gift Bundle


Our newest bundles feature some of our favorite Rafa goodies and also include some of favorite items to unwind with! In each bundle, you will receive a free gift... a roll-on perfume!

Here's what you'll get in the Blue Pele Gift Bundle:

  • Blue Pele Coconut Oil Bar Soap
  • Blue Pele 50 hour Candle
  • Blue Pele Room & Body Spray
  • Blue Pele Hand & Body Lotion
  • Blue Pele Hand & Body Wash
  • Blue Pele Therapeutic Bath Salts
  • Rafa Natural Matches
  • Pina Colada Bath Fizzy
  • Light Blue Soap Lift
  • Vanilla Bean Lip Balm
  • BONUS! Blue Pele Roll-On Perfume

Blue Pele smells joyful, sugary, exotic, tropical & fresh. The scent has notes of sugared oranges, limes, and lemons, followed by a hint of lush mountain greens.