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Juice Feast – Day 6

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 6

Woke up feeling pretty good this morning.  Hungry, but that’s par for the course.  I haven’t run since last Sunday (it’s Saturday), so I decided to go for a little run.  I thought maybe I wasn’t losing as much weight (only 4lbs. in 5 days) as some of the others cause I wasn’t exercising enough.  It was one of the ugliest runs I’ve ever had.  NO ENERGY.  I’ve actually had great energy the last 2 days, but running is apparently beyond my current reserves.  So I’ll stick to yoga, walking and lifting weights. Confessions I have a couple of confessions to make. First, at about 5:00 p.m. today I was so stinking hungry I gave in and ate 8 almonds.  Then later I had 5 walnuts.  Whew, I feel better getting that off my chest.  I choose nuts because I know they can fill you up easily, they’re natural, and they have good fats that actually help with the absorption of nutrients.  And for the first time in days, I wasn’t hungry.  My mood improved dramatically! Second, I’ve been sad about where I’m losing weight.  As of today, I’m down 4 lbs.  Not a lot of weight, but a lot for me.  And most of it has been from my stomach.  I know most people would be thrilled to lose their stomach, and I am.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I live in Florida where our arms and legs are exposed 80% of the time.  I wanted to see my arms shrink some.  I lifted weights for years without losing weight so that you could actually see the muscle, so they just look big.  Not defined.  When I look at other women, the first thing I look at is their arms.  If they are skinny, I immediately dislike them, just for a minute . But then I remembered something I read a while ago.  You’re body is going to naturally lose weight from where it poses the most danger.  Namely, the fat that’s around vital organs.  There are 2 types of fat, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.  Visceral fat is deeper and surrounds the organs.  And it’s very dangerous because it inhibits your organs from operating properly. So my body is losing fat in the areas it’s posing the most danger.  Don’t you find that amazing?  I do.  So it looks like my chubby little arms and legs are going to have to stay that way just a little longer. Results Here are my weight results up through today.  Body fat down by 1%.  I’ll take it! Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone 10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4% 10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4% 10/23/13 120.4 19.3% 55.6% 35.0% 4.4% 10/24/13 119.8 19.2% 55.8% 35.0% 4.4% 10/25/13 120.2 19.1% 55.8% 35.1% 4.4% 10/26/13 119.2 19.1% 55.9% 34.9% 4.4% Day 6 DONE!

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Juice Feast – Day 5

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 5

I stepped on the scale this morning and looky there, my weight went up a little bit. How in the world is that possible?  I think the problem may have been that I didn’t drink enough yesterday. I only had 4 juices, not 6.  I just couldn’t drink anymore.  I used to love juices and now…well now, they annoy me.  I usually make my own, but for this 10 Day Feast, I decided to buy them premade from our juice bar at Gold’s Gym.  When I make my own, I can see all the good stuff that goes into them.  I’ve scrubbed the veggies, juiced them and cleaned up.  And it’s very rewarding.  I love that whole process.  And I think it makes me appreciate the juice more.  Don’t get me wrong, the Elixir juices are amazing and tasty.  I just think I don’t appreciate them as much since I didn’t put in the effort of making them.  So today, I resolve to drink more juice! Treats of the Day At the beginning of this journey, I promised myself I would treat myself a little more.  Today that included a haircut and a body scrub. The haircut was so relaxing.  We make shampoos and conditioner at the store, but sometimes you get tired of always smelling the same thing.  And whatever shampoo she used on my hair smelled so good.  And it was nice to walk away with healthier and softer hair (she used Argan Oil spray that made my hair soft). I also did a scrub in the shower in the morning with our Walnut Body Polish.  We make 6 different scrubs and they are all completely different.  I like the Walnut Body Polish because it provides the deepest exfoliation and doesn’t leave any oil on my skin or shower floor.  During a Juice Feast, it’s a good idea to exfoliate to eliminate dead skin cells so your skin can breathe. We lose toxins through our skin but if it’s clogged with dead skin, that process is slowed.  Plus, a scrub just makes your skin feel soooo good.  Super soft. That’s it.  Pretty quiet day.  Didn’t work out, didn’t sew, didn’t do anything exceptional.  And sometimes those are good days. Results Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone 10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4% 10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4% 10/23/13 120.4 19.3% 55.6% 35.0% 4.4% 10/24/13 119.8 19.2% 55.8% 35.0% 4.4% 10/25/13 120.2 19.1% 55.8% 35.1% 4.4% Day 5 DONE!    

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Juice Feast – Day 4

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 4

So on day 4 I’ve been told the hunger should be going away (some, but still hungry) and that I’ll be thinking about food a lot.  Oh yeah.  I can testify that’s true!  I’m craving a big, juicy steak (not something I usually eat), Mitchell’s Coffee House Favorite Omelette (a wicked egg, cheese, bacon, hash brown concoction), and chili.  In other words, hearty food.  But one of the whole goals of this Feast is to break cravings.  I’m thinking it may take more than 10 days to do that!  Certainly more than 4. Tricks that Help Yesterday I discovered something that really helped me.  Herbal Teas.  I know it’s recommended by Whitney, but up until yesterday I was only having a Yogi Detox Tea for breakfast.  Yesterday afternoon I just couldn’t do another juice.  I was fed up with juice!  I needed something different.  So I made a Yogi Get Regular Tea in Soothing Mint.  The mint was so soothing and it tasted amazing.  As an added bonus, about 6 hours later, the Get Regular part of the tea kicked in!  I figure might as well help the detoxing process along, right?     Staying Busy I know a lot of people say they are no longer hungry after day 3, but that hasn’t been the case for me.  I’m hungry.  So I try to find ways to keep busy.  I left the store a little early yesterday because the weather was nice and I wanted to enjoy some of it.  But that meant I was home by 5:00.  That’s a lot of time to kill before bedtime.  Here’s what happened: 5:00 p.m. – My husband informed me that Spike had already been on 5 walks that day, but he still had lots of energy, so we packed up and made our way down to Lake Mirror.  He loves walking this lake because it’s paved and there are lots of birds to chase.  We also frolicked at Hollis Garden.  I know dogs aren’t allowed, but I’m a bit of a rule breaker.  He had fun running in the grass until we got kicked out.  Time killed:  45 minutes. 5:45 p.m. – Back home.  Now what?  I had sewn a cute little sweater for Spike to wear when the weather starts to get cold.  He wore it all day yesterday since it was cold (68 degrees is apparently cold to a dog from the Dominican and Floridians in general) and I decided he needed more.  Went through my fabrics but none of them were right.  So, off to the fabric store I went.  Time killed:  45 minutes. 6:30 p.m. – Thought I’d sew maybe 1 or 2 new sweaters, but since I had plenty to time to kill before bed, I wound up making 3.  Spike wants to show you some his new clothes.  (His daddy went to Auburn.) Now he’ll be toasty warm this winter and I kept busy and my mind off food. Time killed:  2 hours The point is, if you decided to do a Juice Feast, you’ll have to find ways to keep your mind and body busy.  I doesn’t matter what you do, but doing something constructive is rewarding.  I could have just vegged in front of the TV for several hours, but I feel like this was a more fun use of time.       Results Here are the results from Day 4. Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone 10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4% 10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4% 10/23/13 120.4 19.3% 55.6% 35.0% 4.4% 10/24/13 119.8 19.2% 55.8% 35.0% 4.4% Number of eye rolls, unchanged.  Guess that takes longer to get rid of than fat. Day 4 DONE!                

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Juice Feast – Day 3

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 3

It is 7:30 a.m. I’m sipping my Yogi Detox Tea with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it.  And wishing it was coffee.  And wishing I could eat something.  Anything.  It’s supposed to get easier, but I’m still waiting for that. I woke up to a very encouraging email from Whitney and it really did help to hear what others were going through: It was nice to hear that others are sleeping a lot.  I took 2 naps yesterday and was in bed by 9 p.m. Others felt “foggy” or “spacey.”  Yep and yep. Some have reported losing 4 or 5lbs. already.  After 1 day of feasting?  Ok, that hurt a little.  I didn’t even lose a full pound! But the most helpful part of her email was listing the side effects we can potentially experience.  I felt a lot of those yesterday and was very close to giving up.  I’m learning I don’t have a lot of mental toughness.  You know on Survivor when Jeff Probst tells the contestants to “dig deep.”  There’s more than just enduring physical discomfort.  There’s a very real mental aspect to this.  I have to want the “prize” (renewed health) more than present comfort.  And it’s hard because comfort can come very quickly and easily.  It’s just a saltine away. Side Effects of Detoxing I thought I’d share some of the side effects Whitney listed cause they might provide help for anyone who decides to embark on this journey.  I cut and paste most of this from her email: * Headaches, less than a day in duration, may  occur at the beginning of the fast, or if you forget to stay well hydrated. * Insomnia often occurs at the start of a fast. Drinking chamomile tea can help.  (Sound sleep is coming) * Mild nausea can occur. Drinking ginger tea can help. Make sure that the vegetable and fruit juices you are making are not too strong. * Dizziness, lightheadedness and palpitations are common early symptoms. During a fast the blood pressure may normalize itself, and in so doing there may be a blood pressure decrease. Blood sugar may also fluctuate as this system normalizes.  Relaxation, deep breathing and gentle yoga can all help. Be aware not to leap out of bed or rise quickly from a hot bath if you are in a phase of feeling light-headed. (Otherwise feel free to leap out of bed singing “I feel Good! I feel Fine! I’m feeling like this All the Time!”). Try some ginseng herbal tea. Be sure that you are drinking enough juice so as to regularly support blood sugar. * The bowels may slow down.  After the first few days, there frankly isn’t much traveling through the pipes.  Having no BM is not unusual and is to be expected! * Depression and anxiety feelings may occur as part of a mental or ‘brain’ detoxification. They will pass, often by the next day. Make sure you get enough sleep on the fast as the body may be doing some rebuilding. * Aching limbs and muscles can occur as a result of increased acidity in the tissues from circulating toxins released from storage and now mobilized in the blood. and can be minimized by drinking plenty of fluids, taking more of the Vitamineral green support product and by taking a bath with Epsom salts. Also consider massage, walking, extra sleep and Yoga. * Increased discharge of mucous from the sinuses, throat, vagina etc may happen. The body has realized that it is time to clean house and it is using the mucous membranes to carry toxins out of the body. * Symptoms of a previous illness or injury may temporarily re-occur. This is a very good sign. This is a healing sign, well known to naturopaths and homeopaths whereby layers of held illness will peel off, sometimes producing the temporary symptoms of the illness as the last remnants of it leave the body. I had 6 of the 9 issues listed.  I think the most surprising one for me was the depression.  And anger.  I was very depressed yesterday.  I would see people eating and wish I could.  I was mad that there were naturally thin people in the world and they never had to worry about their weight.  It ticked me off I work so hard and sometimes the results aren’t there.  I was discouraged that I was trying to do something good for my body and my body was throwing tantrums like a 2 year old! Progress As Day 3 wore on, I felt better and better.  Much better energy, no headaches.  Still hungry, but not horrible like the first day. Did yoga which was very therapeutic.  If you’ve even done yoga and have some extra weight on, some of the positions can “highlight” that bulge.  For me, every time I would do a forward bend, I could feel my stomach get in the way.  Last night, it was still there, but slightly smaller.  Yay!  I’ve never had a flat stomach.  Never.  Even at 8 years old I had a belly.  And for the first time last night I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have that?  To not have it get in they way?  Hopefully by Day 10, that will be closer to being a reality! Detox Bath After yoga I was pretty sore,  so I decided to to a mud bath.  I know it sounds weird.  And maybe it is.  I don’t know. My view of weird is different than normal people.  But let me tell you, it’s amazing. Contrary to how it sounds and looks, the water isn’t heavy feeling.  In fact, it feels silky smooth.  I included a picture of how it looks in my bath tub. I used Torf Moor Mud.  Moor Mud therapy helps with pain management, detoxification,  circulation and immunity, reduce inflammation, and fights eczema.  It’s harvested in Europe and is basically very old decomposed plants.  They are full of bio-minerals, amino acids and plant hormones.  It...

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Juice Feast – Day 2

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 2

Here we go with Day 2.  Day 1 was honestly a little rough.  I was hungry most of the time and at around 5:30 p.m. I got a low grade headache that expanded as the night went on.  I didn’t take my normal sleeping pill because I’m detoxing, right?  That meant I woke up at 1:00 a.m. and again at 4:30 a.m.  Could tell I wasn’t going back to sleep, so I got up and got to work. The first thing I’m supposed to do in the morning is have a warm glass of water with 1/2 a lemon squeezed into it.  I thought I’d up the detoxing ante by making a Detox Tea by Yogi.  Then I squeeze half a lemon into it with half a packet of Stevia.  Tasted great and didn’t miss my coffee at all. Since we can’t pick up our juices until after 7:00 a.m., and it was only 5:00,  I made my favorite juice The Happy Mood Juice.  Honestly, I was still hungry after drinking it.  But it gave me enough energy to work out. Work Out I’ve quit lifting weights quite so much.  I felt like I was getting too bulky.  But I haven’t given it up completely because I know that it’s necessary.  So I invented a work out I call The 500.  It’s 10 different exercises, each done 50 times.  I can get it done in about 30 minutes, my muscles are exhausted afterwards and I feel like it tones without bulking up.  I go back and forth between upper body and lower body.  I rarely do the same thing twice, but here’s a sampling if you’d like to try it.  I use 5lb dumbbells. 50 Bicep Curls 50 Squats 50 Tricep Extensions 50 Calf Raises 50 Upright Rows 50 Step-Ups (this is done while holding the dumbbells in my hands and stepping up onto a 12″ tall stool). Then I get on the ground (and Spike comes in and gives me some sweet doggie kisses) 50 Chest presses 50 Ab Crunches 50 Modified Push-Ups 50 Leg Raises Just throwing it out there for those who aren’t interested in going to a gym but would like to do some simple strength building exercises. Struggles If I had one word for today, it would be HEADACHE!  Non-stop.  I can handle the hunger part, but the headache part is making my day miserable.  In fact, combined with nausea and dizziness, I actually went home for an hour and took and nap. I googled headaches during a fast and there were three reasons I might have one: Dehydration.  That didn’t make sense at first, but then as I thought about it, I’m not drinking as much water because I’m drinking so much juice.  Kinda tired of drinking stuff. Low blood sugar.  I would think the juice would be taking care of this and this is more a symptom for someone on a strict water fast. Toxins.  I didn’t think I was that toxic, but as I honestly evaluate my diet, yes, I can see that I am.  And they are floating around looking for a place to go.  So the suggestion was doing a colonic or sweating in an infrared sauna.  I have an infrared sauna, but the last thing I feel like doing is sitting in it with a headache. It was very tempting to just throw in the towel and eat something if I’m being honest.  But then I realized, I can either be sick now with toxins leaving my body, or I can be sick later with inflammation or some sort of disease like cancer.  I’d rather pay the much lower price now. Results Here are the weigh-in results so far: Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone 10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4% 10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4% This right here is why I love this scale.  I would have thought that if I lost weight is was water weight.  But this scale shows me that my % of water is up, body fat is down.  And that’s encouraging.  Cause right now, I could use all the encouragement I can get! Day 2 DONE!

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