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Juice Feast – Day 9

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 9

I’m beginning to feel the rumbling of the Happy Dance in my legs.  I can eat again in only 2 days!  I miss eating.  The juices have been wonderful, but mama wants to chew on something!

My husband has been watching me closely to make sure I’m not about to fall over from weakness (and not get the laundry done.)  But I feel amazing.  Strong.  Light.  (Can you feel strong and light at the same time?  Yes you can!)  I actually told Whitney, the sadistic instigator of said Feast, that I was considering extending the Feast for a couple of days.  Nevermind, Whitney.  I was obviously in some kind of food-deprived delirium when I said that.  I WILL be ending this in 2 days (I know you’re thinking, “It’s Day 9, don’t you mean 1 day.” No, cause today is 1 day and tomorrow is 1 day, so it actually ends the day after tomorrow – got it?)


I’ve focused some on weight loss success on this journey, but I wanted to list some of the other things I’ve noticed since cleansing out those ugly toxins from my body:

Incredible sleepthe kind where you wake up drooling and can’t remember your name for a couple of minutes

Allergies diminishednot completely gone, but before the Feast I had on some kind of world-record sneezing going on

Clearer thought processes - am I smarter or just think I am?  Don’t answer that.

Lots of energyenough to work all day, walk the dog for an hour, do laundry, clean the house and write a blog.   Wait, I’m starting to see why I was sleeping so well….

Better attitudenot perfect.  Eye rolls per day are still extremely high, but now sometime I do them just out of habit. 

Colors seem brighterok, this one I may just have made up in my head.  But it’s true!

Clothes fitting so much betterthe shorts I could barely button last week are loose on me today.  Can I get a what-what?

The Downside

With me, there’s never purely an upside.  Here’s the ugly truth no one else will tell you when you’re on a Juice Feast.

You think every medical problem can be solved with a Feast.  And you tell everyone.  Got arthritis?   Juice Feast will clear that right up!  Acne?  Carrot juice will cure it!  Splinter?  Soak it in beet juice! (that’s not a true solution by the way)

You become judgmental about what people are eating.  You throw disgusted glances at the cars lined up at McDonalds (as if you weren’t there a week ago).  You feel superior to someone who complains that they are “full.”  You tell everyone how good they would feel if they would just have one juice a day and then hate them when they won’t do it.

You feel the need to make excuses for pathetic performance.  That 35 minute 3-mile run?  Yeah, well it was slow cause I’m on a fast..blah, blah, blah.

To poo or not to poo.  You’re not taking in a lot, so not a lot comes out.  Until it does.  And then, hold the phone.  You’ll wonder what in the world died.  Oh, that’s right.  Toxins.  :)

Irrational anger at the scale.  You’ve been really hungry for 3 days and the scale hasn’t moved.  You kicked it, call it names, accuse it of plotting against you.

These are just a few thoughts that come to mind.  Hopefully they’ll help you in your decision on whether to do a Juice Feast or not. (You really should!  It cures everything!!  No?  Loser)


Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone
10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4%
10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4%
10/23/13 120.4 19.3% 55.6% 35.0% 4.4%
10/24/13 119.8 19.2% 55.8% 35.0% 4.4%
10/25/13 120.2 19.1% 55.8% 35.1% 4.4%
10/26/13 119.2 19.1% 55.9% 34.9% 4.4%
10/27/13 118.6 19.0% 56.2% 34.7% 4.4%
10/28/13 118.4 18.8% 56.2% 34.9% 4.4%
10/29/13 118.6 18.6% 56.4% 34.9% 4.4%

No one has pointed this out to me, but the percentages when added up equal more than 100%.  Not sure what that means.  Even with my exceptionally clear thinking can’t I explain that.  Maybe Yogi Berra made this scale.

Day 9:  DONE!


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