Juice Feast – Day 7

Juice Feast Day 7

A week ago I was at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  Today, I’m on Day 7 of a Juice Feast.  What a difference a week can make!  I thought it’d be fun to compare the 2 days.

Last Sunday

This Sunday

Weighed 123.2

Weighed 118.6

Ran 3 miles to “bank” extra calories I knew I’d be eating at Epcot.  It was tiring.

Walked 3 miles with my dog and watched the sunset. It was relaxing and therapeutic.

Very negative attitude.  Frustrated with many things in my life.

Situations haven’t changed, but my outlook is much more positive.  Thinking more constructively about solutions rather than feeling like a victim.

Skin looked ok.

Skin much clearer looking.  Lines have softened some.  Bags under my eyes look better.  Not gone, but better.

Leaving Epcot, felt full and disgusting.  No energy.

Great energy.  Feel light and healthy.

It wasn’t an easy week (read Days 1-6 for further evidence of how “not easy” it was), but 100% worth it.

If you choose to do a 10 day Feast, I would highly recommend tracking each day.  Track how you’re feeling, what your body is doing, struggles, & victories.  That way you can look back and see progress.  I’ve been documenting everything (well not everything.  You don’t need to know every part of my dysfunction), and it’s been so helpful to look back and see that while I’m still struggling with hunger, it’s not nearly as bad as Day 2 when I felt like I was on the verge of dying (I tend to be melodramatic when I’m hungry).

Tracking my weight in a chart is great because if I didn’t, I would just see a number every morning.  But when it’s in a chart, I see progress.

So speaking for weight tracking charts, here’s the latest:

Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone
10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4%
10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4%
10/23/13 120.4 19.3% 55.6% 35.0% 4.4%
10/24/13 119.8 19.2% 55.8% 35.0% 4.4%
10/25/13 120.2 19.1% 55.8% 35.1% 4.4%
10/26/13 119.2 19.1% 55.9% 34.9% 4.4%
10/27/13 118.6 19.0% 56.2% 34.7% 4.4%

Day 7 DONE!


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