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Juice Feast – Day 4

Posted by Kim Williams on
Juice Feast Day 4

So on day 4 I’ve been told the hunger should be going away (some, but still hungry) and that I’ll be thinking about food a lot.  Oh yeah.  I can testify that’s true!  I’m craving a big, juicy steak (not something I usually eat), Mitchell’s Coffee House Favorite Omelette (a wicked egg, cheese, bacon, hash brown concoction), and chili.  In other words, hearty food.  But one of the whole goals of this Feast is to break cravings.  I’m thinking it may take more than 10 days to do that!  Certainly more than 4.

Tricks that Help

Yesterday I discovered something that really helped me.  Herbal Teas.  I know it’s recommended by Whitney, but up until yesterday I was only having a Yogi Detox Tea for breakfast.  Yesterday afternoon I just couldn’t do another juice.  I was fed up with juice!  I needed something different.  So I made a Yogi Get Regular Tea in Soothing Mint.  The mint was so soothing and it tasted amazing.  As an added bonus, about 6 hours later, the Get Regular part of the tea kicked in!  I figure might as well help the detoxing process along, right?



Staying Busy

I know a lot of people say they are no longer hungry after day 3, but that hasn’t been the case for me.  I’m hungry.  So I try to find ways to keep busy.  I left the store a little early yesterday because the weather was nice and I wanted to enjoy some of it.  But that meant I was home by 5:00.  That’s a lot of time to kill before bedtime.  Here’s what happened:

5:00 p.m. – My husband informed me that Spike had already been on 5 walks that day, but he still had lots of energy, so we packed up and made our way down to Lake Mirror.  He loves walking this lake because it’s paved and there are lots of birds to chase.  We also frolicked at Hollis Garden.  I know dogs aren’t allowed, but I’m a bit of a rule breaker.  He had fun running in the grass until we got kicked out.  Time killed:  45 minutes.

5:45 p.m. – Back home.  Now what?  I had sewn a cute little sweater for Spike to wear when the weather starts to get cold.  He wore it all day yesterday since it was cold (68 degrees is apparently cold to a dog from the Dominican and Floridians in general) and I decided he needed more.  Went through my fabrics but none of them were right.  So, off to the fabric store I went.  Time killed:  45 minutes.

6:30 p.m. – Thought I’d sew maybe 1 or 2 new sweaters, but since I had plenty to time to kill before bed, I wound up making 3.  Spike wants to show you some his new clothes.Auburn Spike  (His daddy went to Auburn.)

Now he’ll be toasty warm this winter and I kept busy and my mind off food.

Time killed:  2 hoursColorado Spike

The point is, if you decided to do a Juice Feast, you’ll have to find ways to keep your mind and body busy.  I doesn’t matter what you do, but doing something constructive is rewarding.  I could have just vegged in front of the TV for several hours, but I feel like this was a more fun use of time.





Here are the results from Day 4.

Date Weight % Body Fat % Water % Muscle % Bone
10/21/13 123.2 20.0% 54.8% 35.2% 4.4%
10/22/13 122.6 19.6% 55.1% 35.5% 4.4%
10/23/13 120.4 19.3% 55.6% 35.0% 4.4%
10/24/13 119.8 19.2% 55.8% 35.0% 4.4%

Number of eye rolls, unchanged.  Guess that takes longer to get rid of than fat.

Day 4 DONE!









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