Happy Mood Juice

Beetroot juice

This is my go-t0 everyday juice.  It does so many wonderful things for your body.  This recipe will help to detox your liver, but it also helps provide the nutrients you need to naturally improve your mood.

Beets help to detox the liver, but also can restore dopamine levels and produce a sense of well-being.  They contain betaine which acts like an antidepressant, creating feelings of pleasure & joy.

Apples contain quercetin which are antioxidants that are thought to stimulate dopamine productions (as well as help with allergy symptons, lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure and more).

Carrots supply a moderate amount of Vitamin B6, another important nutrient for dopamine production.  With all this going for it, this is one amazing juice!

Most juices with beets can taste like dirt.  This one does not.  It just tastes like pure health in a glass.  In fact, everyday when I make it I tell my husband, “Here’s your life giving juice!”

One word of warning.  If you’ve never juiced beets before, they do make your movements look a little funny.  If you don’t know to look for that you might think you have a serious health problem!


5 Carrots (tops removed)

1 Cucumber (peeled if not organic)

1/2 Large Beet or Whole Small (peeled)

1/2 – 1 Lemon (peeled)

1 Green Apple

1 inch Ginger Root

Makes 2 big glasses of juice.

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