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Getting Ready for a Juice Fast

Posted by Kim Hancock on

So this morning I woke up looking every bit of my 44 years. Puffy eyes, pale skin, jiggling legs and arms...sigh.  I thought I'd been getting away with eating healthy about 50% of the time and then eating nothing but pita chips and wine the rest of the time.  Chritmas was no help either with tons of yummy foods and a serious lapse in my running routine.  But as I look in the mirror, I see that I ain't fooling anyone with my bad habits except myself.  

I've been reading The Juice Lady's Turbo Diet by Cherie Calbom and it's very convicting.  She explains that for optimum health, the body needs to maintain a pH of between 7.35 and 7.45.  If we eat acidic foods (which is pretty much everything out there that's not in the plant kingdom), we lower our pH and the body will do whatever is necessary to get back to the pH balance.  The body will draw minerals from bones, teeth and muscles to use as buffers against the acids.  Over time an overly acidic body can lead to osteoporosis, kidney stones, aging skin, heart disease and much more.  

Being in the natural skin care business, I know a lot about taking care of my skin and health, but make terrible choices! I'm like that doctor who tells his patients to stop smoking but then you see him out in the parking lot lighting up a cigarette!   But today I'm officially turning over a new leaf (no pun intended) and am going to work towards a juice fast.  

Why a juice fast and not just eat healthier?  It's a super fast way to release toxins, give my digestive organs a rest and infuse my body with nutrients that I've been depriving it.  It also resets your taste buds and is pretty easy to implement.  

From what I've read, it's important to work towards a juice fast and not just jump into it after eating a standard diet.  So the next couple of days will be prep days, both mentally and physically.  Today and tomorrow I'm going to increase my juice intake from 1 glass (my usual morning drink) to at least 3 glasses and eat nothing except veggies and a small amount of fruit.  Then hopefully by day 3, I'll be ready to take the plunge.  

I'll get into juice recipes and more tips in the following days.  I'll let you know the good, bad and the ugly as I go along.  

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