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Big Changes for 2015!

Posted by Kim Williams on
Rafa Natural - Day Care Brush

Thanks to you, we’ve outgrown our current manufacturing space.  While it’s been wonderful having it attached to our retail space, it doesn’t make sense to pay retail prices for that space anymore.  So we’ve decided to separate our manufacturing space from our retail space.

By doing this we’ll be able to quadruple our factory and be able to offer more products, write more blog posts (like recipes and other health and beauty posts) and create videos.  It’s all very exciting!

Making this change means we don’t need our space at 229 N. Kentucky that we’ve shared with the Black Swan for the past 4 years.  So we are moving to Simple Vintage across the street.  It’s a great new store and my sister happens to have her name on the door there as well as Scout & Tag (another motivating factor to move there!)

Some important details you may want to know:

1.  Belly Rewards Program – Unfortunately we are discontinuing the Belly program.  So, if you have rewards, be sure to redeem them ASAP!  If you are in between rewards, we’ll round you up to the nearest reward.  We are hoping to implement a different rewards program this year, so stay tuned.

2.  Summer Spa Nights – We will still be able to have these fun and popular events. And not only will we have them during the summer, but you can book a private event through out the year as well!

3.  Special orders – A lot of you (you know who you are!) like to order “off the menu.”  No worries!  You can still have your own special products made.  Just send an email to and it’ll be available at Simple Vintage within a week.

Thank you for supporting this little venture for the past 4 1/2 years.  It’s been amazing and I continue to be humbled by your support and love!

Our new address is:

Simple Vintage with Scout & Tag244 N. Kentucky Ave., Lakeland, FL 33801

Simple Vintage store


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