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The Rafa Story

I like to say it all started with a Martha Stewart craft! I love to make gifts for people and found a great idea on Martha's website for making bath bombs with secret messages hidden inside printed on waterproof paper (here' s the link if you're interested!). After several failed attempts and about $100 in supplies I had to custom order, I finally was able to make them work and the response from my family was great. They loved them and I had a blast making them. I began to wonder what else I could make. I searched the internet and found that I could make just about anything!

Kim Williams Rafa NaturalI started creating organic skin care products for personal use and gifts. Friends who love natural skin care began to ask me to make them products as well. What started out as a hobby has turned into a wonderful business that continues to grow.

We started in a humble but adorable 100 square foot retail space. Within 6 months we moved to a bigger location in downtown Lakeland where we shared space with the Black Swan Bazaar for 4 years.  We are currently at 244 N. Kentucky Ave. in Scout & Tag (which coincidentally is owned by my sister!)

When I started Rafa, I had a couple goals.

One was to offer products using the best quality organic ingredients available. We never use sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, or other inferior ingredients because they’ve been shown to cause health issues ranging from skin irritations to cancer.

And secondly, I wanted to keep the prices accessible to the average person. Too often in life I’d like a product line but only be able to afford one of their products and not the entire line. I wanted my customers to be able to get great natural products at a reasonable price! So we work hard at keep costs down while still offering the best we can.

I appreciate every single customer I have. We've grown primarily through friends telling friends and that's humbling and I'm very grateful.

Thank you for the opportunity to do that!


Our mission is to provide natural, organic products for your bath, body and home that look beautiful, smell amazing and are packaged in phthalate free  and BPA-free packaging.  We also make our products affordable so our customers don’t have to take out a 2nd mortgage to be naturally beautiful.