Meet Janet Caban, our new Production Manager (and all around good apple)

Meet Janet Caban, our new Production Manager (and all around good apple)

After praying for over a year for someone to come along and help take over production, God delivered Janet Caban to me.  She’s completely overqualified, but she either hasn’t figured that out yet or is ok with slumming it with me for a while. Either way, I’m thrilled to have her join our little team.  She’ll be wearing several hats (I’ll be saving the dunce cap for myself, thank you very much) and some of her jobs will include making product, helping with promotions & marketing  and writing blog articles.

Here’s a little information from her and who she is, her background and idea of why she’s passionate about health!  I know you’ll love her as much as I do!

Hi!  It is Janet Caban, Production Manager with RAFA Natural.  

I have been a health freak, tree hugger for over 20 years.  I know 20 years sounds like a long time, but I am still young.   Below is my early childhood pic on the right —always a bit of a rebel!  

 Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.59.37 AM

About myself:

A California transplant just over a year now, to be close to my family. From my teenage years I developed a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.  It all started with my best friend’s aunt who cured herself of stomach cancer.  I decided to take a proactive approach to health starting with a 3 month cleanse, which changed my taste buds and my view on life. This passion for healthful living has led me to spend the last 20+ years working in the Natural Products business. Up until recently, I had a jet set lifestyle, educating retailers and consumers on dietary supplements. 

Now a Lakeland resident, I joined Rafa Natural because I Love the products and believe what we place on your skin is equally as important as what we ingest internally, being that the skin is our largest organ.   I also love what Rafa Natural stands for -  The definition of RAFA is “TO HEAL.” 

Much healing is needed in this hectic and toxic world we live in.  More and more toxins exist just in the air we breath yearly, not to mention the toxic body care products Americans use that adds to a toxic body.  Then the mental toxins of stress from juggling the many balls in life in attempts to create balance between family, work, finances, relationships, and what about personal time?  

As such, all posts I write will be tasty morsels to nourish and heal our mind, body and soul connection.  So stay tuned for healthy tips on living a healthful lifestyle and always remember,  you come first and pampering yourself is key to Healing.  

So…. “Go pamper yourself with RAFA Natural!”

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Kim Williams is the owner and founder of Rafa Natural. A self-confessed candle & bath junkie, her husband "encouraged" (read: forced) her to start to sell her wares to offset the costs of her ever-growing obsession with making her own bath & body products. Hence, Rafa Natural was born in 2010. What started as a small part time venture has turned into a full blown company complete with 200 skus and a Chihuahua mascot named Spike.

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