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Info: 20 + years in the Nutritional Supplement Industry. My broad work experience in this industry includes working as a National Educator, conducting company trainings as well as retail stores and consumer trainings on Nutritional Supplementation and healthful living. Also, Corporate Account Management in charge of large retailers such as Sprouts, Whole Foods, Pharmaca, Vitamin Cottage, Fresh Thyme and others (all located on the Western United States), as well as Sales and Sales Management experience traveling to Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Northern California while living in Southern California. Now a Lakeland, Florida resident I am fortunate to have met Kim Williams, owner of RAFA Natural, who has brought me under her wing to teach me the inner workings of the body care business and to work in the areas of production, promotions, marketing and blogging. I am having a blast and not having to travel!! I am truly blessed - Thank you Kim!