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Soy Candles

When you burn a candle, you’re more than likely looking for more than just an alternative to electricity. You’re looking to change the ambiance of a room, cover up that wet dog smell, or bring the essence of Christmas to life. That’s why we scent our candles at the highest possible level. And because they are soy, you don’t get that burning paraffin smell, just pure aromatic goodness.

Why Soy Candles

Paraffin candles used to be the only choice out there. But then we got smart and realized, “Hey, this is a petroleum by-product. Do I really want to be burning this in my house?”

  • Soy burns cleaner
  • It’s a renewable resource
  • They burn longer and at a lower temperature – safety first!
  • If you’re writing a poem, a lot more rhymes with soy than paraffin